Full Happy Tummies!

If you were to make the assumption that The Midnight Smoker BBQ is passionate about barbecue you would be correct. But if you have read the "Welcome" section of our Home page you also know that our passion goes far beyond that. You know that we are also very passionate about creating community. Our way of doing this is by providing a "shared meal" for others to feast upon. For we believe barbecue is more than just a meal-it's a Celebration! What better way to laugh and have a good time then eating barbecue family-style. In fact, some of Jesus' Greatest conversations were around the dinner table. So as much as I want to spend each weekend cooking for 500 people at a very profitable catering gig, I also get great satisfaction in creating meals for events much smaller and much more intimate. So when my wife recently asked me to prepare some barbecue for a group of women going on a weekend retreat I eagerly accepted.
This group of women, The BNL's as they are called, would soon be participating in their second annual retreat, and what better meal to provide for this communal gathering then barbecue? So the weekend before the retreat I cooked several tri-tips, a few pounds of pulled pork, several dozen chicken thighs and some sausage fatties for breakfast. I then prepared them for the freezer by vacuum-sealing them in portion size bags. My wife, who was the facilitator of this retreat, was given detailed instructions on how to reheat the meat in a manner that would render the best possible results from the frozen meat.
Always a bit anxious as to how my barbecue would be received, I eagerly awaited my wife's return and review of the food. Although I doubt my wife would tell me otherwise, I was told that the ladies really enjoyed my barbecue. As this was a non-profit gig and done from the heart and not the wallet, I was pleasantly surprised and a bit humbled when I was presented with a Thank You card and a gift from the ladies in appreciation of my hard work. The gift was a food scale I had recently been wanting. Very Nice. But even more touching was the card. Each and every woman from the retreat wrote a very nice thank you note in it. Without question all the notes were special, but the biggest written note caught my attention first and really made me smile. It read "Thank You for Blessing us with full, happy tummies!" That's all I needed to hear to know that I did good and to validate why I do it.
Thank you BNL's. I would be honored to cook for you anytime.